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One of the most mysterious yet ultra-scalable traffic sources is Google Display.

It has access to virtually over 95% of Internet users worldwide.

It is much bigger than Facebook and Bing combined. However, most people are intimidated by the Google Display Network.

In fact, when most people hear about it, they simply ignore it and think that it is impossible for anyone to tap into this prestige traffic source unless you either own a Fortune 100 company or have deep pockets to spend your advertising dollars.

In all honesty, that is simply a myth.

To make matters worse, most people are afraid of the Google Display Network because the majority of horror stories have rumored that it is a waste of money.

It is true - ONLY if you do not know what you’re doing.

At iPro Academy, we have spent millions of dollars with Google Display Network - PROFITABLY.

And finally, we are revealing our secrets publicly to help you master Google Display Network even if you’re a total beginner.

Why Google Display Is The Holy-Grail To Online Advertising And How It’s Now Built To Get You Results

As we mentioned earlier, Google Display Network can give you direct access to over 95% of Internet users worldwide.

That means, it is the ONLY source of traffic that you can get billions of impressions and potentially reach every single human being on the planet to showcase your offers.

In fact, what most people do not know about Google Display Network is that they are conversions-driven.

You might have heard that consumers are simply ignoring Display Ads and are immune by them. That was true at one point, but the game has changed ever since Google has been focussing heavily on their conversion pixels.

In my opinion, Google has been behind in their targeting capabilities and also their conversion driven objectives compared to Facebook.

But ever since Facebook has taken a lion share of Google’s revenue, they have sought out to build an infrastructure similar to Facebook where their pixel can do all the heavy lifting for advertisers like you to get results.

Finally, Google has it figured out!

After all, Google has more data than Facebook and for them to create a comeback, it’s just a matter of time.

And in combination to my decade of experience along with Google’s newly revamped pixel integration, Google Display Network can now get you dirt cheap traffic based on your results!

Moreover, Google Display Network is no longer just about brand awareness.

It’s now built to get you results with predictable outcomes and best of all, it’s ultra-scalable!

Now, when it comes to Google Display Network, it all boils down to a simple 3-step process.

The 3-Step Process To Turn Google Display Network Into A Revenue-Generator For All Kinds Of Businesses

Regardless of what business you own or even if you are just starting out, Google Display Network is one of the safest and most predictable traffic sources.

To master the Google Display Network, you need to understand and follow the 3-step process that we’ve innovated through millions of dollars worth of tests-and-trials.

The 3-Step Process is simple and once you’ve fully understood how it works, you can leverage Google Display Network into an instant revenue-generator and magnetize a flood of traffic that other traffic platforms can’t offer.

The 3-Step Process is: Bridging The Offer, The Responsive, Results-Driven Ads & The Laser-Targeted Audience

Let’s briefly share with you each step of the process.

Step #1: Bridging The Offer
The Secret Page That Unlocks Your Sales

Most people failed with Google Display Network not because of their product of service offerings.

It’s because they are missing a critical step that rarely anyone is aware of. Even the “gurus” don’t even know.

It’s the landing page that the users lands on the second they’ve clicked onto the Display Ads.

Most people would think that Google Display traffic is similar to any other traffic source where you bring your potential audience into seeing your offer right away.

If you do that, you’ll fail miserably.

When it comes to Google Display Ads, there’s a specific type of landing page you need to use.

I call it the bridging page.

It’s a specific page that rewires your audience’s mind before you even present them the offer.

Without this specific page, you are going to lose a ton of money and will never get Google Display Network to deliver the results that you want!

Step #2: Your Responsive, Results-Driven Ad
The “Open Loop” Ad That Gets Cheap Clicks

Truth be told, traditional standard IAB banner ad sizes are history!

Google now makes it easy for you to use their new form of display ads called the Responsive Ads.

All you need to do is give them the image and copy you want to use and Google will automatically create all the sizes for you.

Best of all, ever since Google released Responsive Ads, we have seen a significant difference in our cost per lead and cost per sale!

However, crafting a display ad is an art of science and psychology.

You don’t want to sell directly in your Responsive Ads.

You need to create what we call it the “Open Loop” to capture your audience's attention and get them into your sales funnel and your bridging page.

If you were to treat Display Ads just like any other traffic sources, then you will be put into what consumers called the Banner Blindness.

They will simply ignore your ads and that will never get you the results you want!

Step #3: Laser-Targeting Audience
Find Your Hungry Buyers Within The Massive Web

Once you’ve gotten the Bridging page for the offer and Responsive Ads in place, the final step is the targeting and campaign structure.

With over 95% of placements on the Internet, targeting is key!

In fact, inside Google Display Network, there are over a dozen ways for you to target your potential customers.

This is where the complexity of Google Display Network comes into play.

What should your targeting be and who should you be showing your ads to?

And with various ways of targeting within Google Display Network, it doesn’t help but cause more confusion than it should be.

However, good news is, Google Display Network targeting is far more effective than other traffic sources and can be comparable with Facebook.

But you need to know what you are doing to make it work.

After spending millions of dollars (profitably) we have innovated a specific targeting system for Google Display Network.

Without it, you will be blindly advertising to consumers who may be irrelevant to what you have to offer which can result in wasting unnecessary budgets.

Once you’re able to get the targeting right, you’ll be unstoppable with our proven 3-Step Process!

Finally, at iPro Academy, we’ve created a complete, step-by-step training that documents our entire process that you can start using immediately to turn Google Display Network into a revenue and lead-generator.

This is the exact playbook that we use to train our team at iPro on mastering Google Display Network and how we use it to generate more leads and sales for our businesses.

We have taken the most complex advertising network into a complete beginner’s friendly course that’s filled with baby steps to get you results!

Introducing our Google Playbook Display!

For Just $297 USD
Here’s The Entire Google Playbook Display Course - I Reveal It All!

Here’s a sneak peak of the 8 simple yet results-driven modules that’s inside my Google Playbook Display.

Before you start a single Google Display Ads, you need to understand how it works and more importantly, gain the insider’s knowledge on how your ads are delivered to your audience. Without the in-depth knowledge, you will be blindly advertising which leads to wasting advertising dollars. In fact, in this module, you’ll learn the 3-Step Process you need to follow when you are creating your Google Display Ads.

Google Display Network is a goldmine, especially if you know how to fully leverage the platform to its fullest potential. It works for all types of businesses, and in fact, using it to create a brand new business is possible. However, the key to Google Display is how you bridge the offer and in this module, not only are you going to learn how you can turn Google Display into a revenue-generator, you’ll see real examples on what it takes to turn it into a goldmine.

Google Display Network is humongous! When it comes to narrowing down your audience with your targeting, it’s extremely complexed. With over a dozen different types of targeting to use and even some are hidden within the platform, you need to follow a specific process that we spent millions of dollars to master to get your ad shown to the right audience at the right time. In fact, if you truly master the 4 Phases Of Display Targeting, you could be unstoppable. You’ll even learn our secret targetings we used to scale to over $10,000 per day - profitably!

Like any advertising platform, the ad is your first point of contact you will have with a stranger that’s going to be turned into your lifelong customers. Since the psychological behavior of the audience within Google Display Network is completely different than other advertising networks, you need to craft your ads differently. In fact, the traditional IAB standard sizes of display ads are now dying. You need to fully master the new type of ads within Google Display, Responsive Ads. This new ad type is much easier than before and it is built to get you results. However, knowing how to craft a highly-effective Responsive Adhow to craft a highly-effective Responsive Ad is a skill and in this module, you’re going to master the entire process and get cheap clicks even if you’re a beginner!

If you follow the best practice by Google on setting up your first Google Display campaigns, then you are set up to fail. Sadly, what Google tells you to do is completely opposite on what you need to do to get the results you want. In fact, if you do not have proper understanding or have the systemic setup process in place, you can never get Google Display to work. Finally, in this module, we’re going to walk you through step-by-step and see exactly how we set up our bullet-proof Display campaigns.bullet-proof Display campaigns. Moreover, we’re going to explain to you each part of the process so you become a master at Google Display ads.

Google’s reporting is loaded with hidden data that most people are unaware of. With the default reporting on your dashboard within Google Ads, you will not get a crystal clear view on what’s really happening with your Display Ads. You would need to deliberately customize your ads reporting to see all relevant data points to make a logical decision for your business. In this module, we’re going to share with you all the relevant data metrics you need to look at and how to customize your dashboard to properly reflect the data.

Once you have customized your reporting with the hidden data you need to monitor, it’s time to dive into the actual data to make logical, profit-based decisions on how you can optimize your campaigns. When it comes to analyzing the data, there are 4 stages of analysis you need to follow. Each step builds on top of each other so that you can make a decision on what your next steps are to make your campaign more profitable. Not only that, we’re going to share with you the most common scenarios we see with our data through our millions of dollars of ad spend so you can eliminate the guesswork yourself.

As we mentioned before, Google Display Ads is ultra-scalable. It is easy and less complex compared to any other advertising networks, especially Facebook. Best of all, if you are already getting results before you scale, you can 10x your business in record time using Google Display. In this module, we’re going to share with you exactly how you can scale your business with Google Display Ads to the moon! This is never revealed to the public and you’re going to be the only ones knowing how.

With the Google Display Network owning 95% of the Internet placements, this creates a huge opportunity to leverage your other traffic sources. In fact, this is exactly how we get our brands across all major news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and publications that would cost you a fortune to get on without breaking your bank. You’re even going to master our two advanced retargeting strategies in this module and learn exactly how you can build up one of the most valuable assets for online businesses and leverage it to its maximum potential.

Now you have a glimpse of what’s inside my Google Playbook Display.

You might be wondering, is this for you?

The answer is YES.

Google Display is a skill set.

A very valuable skill set that every business or entrepreneur must have. In fact, if you are a true media buyer, you’ll know how rare training is when it comes to the Google Display Network.

This Google Playbook Display is built for:


If any of the above is what you do, then you absolutely need to get access to my Google Playbook Display


Absolutely! One way to scale your business is to diversify your traffic sources. Google Display is one of the most lucrative platforms because it comprises 95% of the Internet’s ad inventory. Once you master the skills to run Google Ads, you can literally apply them to any business including but not limited to eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Publishing, and even Local Businesses.

While this course is sufficient for you to get started with Google Display ads even if you have no prior experience, we do recommend going through our Google Playbook Basics first to get an overview of Google Ads. In that course, you will learn the foundations of the Google Platform plus the psychology of how users behave on the different platforms so that you can effectively create ads to get you more sales and leads. Once you have completed that course, then the Google Playbook Display course will be much easier for you to understand.

There is a “No-Refund Policy” due to the digital format of the Google Playbook Display course where members will receive immediate benefit prior to the return such as access to all course content and support. However, there is a 3-day cancellation policy in place. If you think that Google Playbook Display is not for you, you have up to 3 business days from the purchase date to cancel your membership and get a full refund. For cancellation request, please email support@iproacademy.com.

Yes! As an iPro Premium member, you will receive an all-access pass to all courses inside iPro Academy for free, including this one and any upcoming releases. If you are interested to become an iPro Premium member, please click here to learn more.


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