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ATTN: Business owners and entrepreneurs,

Throughout the last decade, email has been the holy-grail method to communicate with your prospects and customers.

In fact, it has been the one and only online selling and communication method that allows you to generate a huge profit for your business with just typing simple text and clicking the “send” button.

However, in recent years, there’s a new kid on the block that dethroned email marketing.

It’s called Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is the fastest-growing communication method with over 1.3 billion active users to date and there are no signs of it stopping.

In addition to its staggering growth, the results that businesses get from Facebook Messenger are unprecedented.

Studies have shown that with Facebook Messenger, businesses experienced open rates as high as 88% and click-through-rates (percentage of people who click on the message) as high as 56%!

This means, even if you have a small Facebook Messenger list, you can still produce significant amount of sales for your business due to the high customer responsiveness on the platform.

Best of all, if you do this right, you can generate more leads and sales for your business with LESS effort and very minimal advertising budget.

Facebook Messenger is able to produce shocking results and ROI (Return On Investment) for businesses by no accident.

The 4 Factors Facebook Messenger Offers That Helps Businesses Generate More Sales

Facebook Messenger is becoming a huge part of many businesses because of 4 factors that other marketing strategies cannot achieve.

They are: Attention, Conversation, Personalization, and Automation.

Factor #1: Get 100% Undivided Attention From Consumers

Consumers are easily distracted when they are online. In fact, studies show that consumers nowadays have a lower attention span than a goldfish. To get a person’s attention in the online world and to continue to have their attention is a challenge for most businesses.

However, in the Facebook Messenger environment, you get a 100% undivided attention from your customers! A perfect example is the “environment” you are in when your significant other messages you and you’re messaging them back! You’re 100% focussed on the conversation that you’re having and this is exactly what Facebook Messenger can do.

Factor #2: Creating Real Conversations With Your Customers

Conversation sells. Instead of throwing your products or services directly to your customers and hoping they’ll buy, Facebook Messenger allows you to create a conversation to talk to your customers. It allows you to give what your customers want rather than just hard-pitching them the entire time. This will make your customers pay a higher price for your products or services that you have to offer because you’re having a real conversation with them to make them want to become your paying customer.

Factor #3: Adding A Personalization Experience

Since Facebook owns Facebook Messenger (which is pretty obvious), there are a lot of data available that will allow businesses like yours to craft a personalized buying experience for each prospect and customer who wants to give you their money. You can directly segment your customers based on a series of automation and provide them a different experience which results in higher conversions (a.k.a. More sales!).

The last factor is the key - Automation.

Get All Your Grunt Work Automated With Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Factor #4: Automation

Time is money. As an entrepreneur, we do not have all the time in the day to answer every single Facebook message. In fact, providing the same personalized experience to every single prospect and customer is nearly impossible.

This is where chatbots started to become the most-spoken marketing strategy of all time this year.

With chatbots, you can automate the entire Facebook Messenger experience with your customers without lifting a finger.

It’s simply like having a virtual closer online helping you close sales 24/7, 365 days in a year!

All you have to do is setup your chatbot once, and it will work around the clock even when you’re sleeping!.

However, to get started with chatbots and Facebook Messenger can be hard and confusing.

I even admit, I personally have not fully taken advantage of chatbots and Facebook Messenger because it is complicated. (Honest moment here, the other reason is that I’m lazy to learn it myself.)

At iPro Academy, we know how important chatbots and Facebook Messenger is for any businesses. In the last several months, we were on a mission to find the best instructor to teach you this with simplicity and show you step-by-step on how to leverage chatbots and Facebook Messenger to drive more leads and sales for your business.

Through our network, we are proud to have one of the best instructors in our industry when it comes to chatbot marketing. His name is Travis Stephenson, the founder of Chamatic which is a Facebook Certified Chatbot Provider.

With his help as the main instructor, we are excited to introduce to you an exclusive chatbot course called: Chatbot Bootcamp.

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Here’s The Entire Chatbot Bootcamp To Help You Generate More Leads & Sales For Your Business - We Even Revealed How You Can Build One If You Don’t Have A Business Yet!

Inside Chatbot Bootcamp, we want to achieve three goals through our simple education.

The first is to educate you on how Facebook Messenger Chatbots works.

The second is show you step by-step on how to use Chatbot to generate more leads and sales for your business.

We even revealed how you can build a business from scratch using just Chatbots alone.

Last but not least,, we want to teach you how to setup all your automation campaign with one of the leading Chatbot software in the marketplace today so you can instantly see the results with our Facebook Messenger Chatbot strategies.

Chatbot Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who’s looking to crack the code to Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

It works for any business. Regardless if you are running an eCommerce business, an affiliate marketing business, a digital publishing business, a local agency or even a local mom and pop shop, this free course is definitely for you.

Here’s a sneak peak on what’s inside this video blueprint:


The first module is one of the most important modules you need to start with. In order for you to fully leverage Facebook Messenger for your business, you need to understand how it works and most importantly, what chatbots are and how it plays a major role in your messenger game.

There are many ways for you to profit with Facebook Messenger through the power of Chatbots. In module 2, you will learn the different strategies you can apply to your business to start profiting online (or offline), depending on what type of business you have.

The first time is always confusing, especially if you’re doing it alone. In module 3, you’re going to see a step-by-step tutorial on building your first messenger automation. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge. Just follow the steps in this module and you’ll be able to setup your messenger automation with ease! You can even charge businesses a fee to do it for them and we’ll show you how!

Facebook Messenger Campaigns are different than Facebook Messenger Automation. We know it sounds confusing, but once you see a complete walkthrough on how to create an effective Messenger Campaign, you’ll fully understand the difference and how it plays a huge part of your messenger success.

The contest strategy is by far one of the best strategies when it comes to growing your business It kills 3 birds with 1 stone. Not only are you able to generate sales, you’ll also be building a messenger list and an email list at the same time for you to further monetize from everyone who engaged with your contest!

Travis spent $1,034.70 on Facebook Ads and made exactly $7,963.79 in sales! How did he do it? It’s all thanks to his Thank You Messenger Ad Strategy he used and inside this video he will show you exactly how to set it up for your business that’s foolproof to generate more sales for your business with a tiny ad budget!

If you’re an affiliate marketer or looking to start an affiliate marketing business, then this module is for you, guaranteed! In this module, you will learn an entire strategy that you can use to leverage Facebook Messenger to stack up commissions as an affiliate to any offer you want to promote. Hint, even if Facebook hates your affiliate offer, you can still promote it with our sneaky strategy!

Inside Facebook Ads, there’s a specific marketing objective that is geared towards Facebook Messenger. Facebook wants you to advertise your Messenger strategy, but hardly anyone talks about it. Luckily, you’ll be the very few to learn how.

Inside this marketing objective that Facebook purposely built, there are some serious goldmine in there that produces instant results for your business. I personally used this and have gotten some of the best ROI from my Facebook Ads.

And in this entire module, you’re going to learn how to we use Facebook Messenger Ads to generate more leads, sales and subscribers to your messenger list which you can further monetize from it.

When it comes to Facebook Messenger and Chatbots, there are so many strategies that you can use. nside this module, you’ll see the best case studies that Travis has compiled for you that you can easily replicate for your business and experience better results with your messenger.

Now you got a glimpse into our Chatbot Bootcamp.

It’s time for you to start learning everything about chatbots and implementing it for your business!

You’re even getting access to this course 100% free.

No credit card required and zero catch!

All you have to do is simply enroll into this free course and learn how you can use chatbots for your business today!

There’s zero excuse for you not to start implement Facebook Messenger Chatbots to your business.

Go ahead and enroll inside Chatbot Bootcamp now and start turning chabots into profit!

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Travis Stephenson
Travis Stephenson
Chatmatic, Founder & CEO

Travis Stephenson is a software entrepreneur and internet marketing coach that specializes in Facebook, Instagram, and Affiliate Marketing. After being a solo entrepreneur for 8 years, Travis ventured into the SaaS world and created a software called Chatmatic in 2017. His goal is to leverage on the power of digital automation to change the way businesses drive traffic, collect leads, and grow their social following to the next level.

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