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Fred Lam
From The Desk Of Fred Lam
Vancouver, Canada
RE: Your Low-Risk, Golden Ticket To An Unconventional Dropshipping Business...

Are you looking to launch your own eCommerce business?

Or have you been indulging yourself into YouTube videos to figure out how to build a dropshipping business?

If you are - then congratulations, you’re on the right track!

According to Statista, eCommerce is growing at an unstoppable rate. By 2023, it is expected to surpass a total of $6,500,000,000,000!


The crazy part is, even with the global pandemic in 2020, eCommerce is one of the ONLY industries that skyrocketed and created massive opportunities for everyday people like you and I.

In fact, every day there are countless 6-to-7-figure businesses being born. This is all thanks to the rapidly growing opportunities in the world of eCommerce.

Most of them started with dropshipping because it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start selling products online.

You don’t need to worry about the products. You don’t need to invest into any inventory and surely your risk is minimal. However, the conventional dropshipping method is NOT the only way for you to quickly sell online.

There’s an even better way that the “secret dropshipping society” doesn't want the masses to know.

In fact, it’s so crazy that you can start profiting online by selling products that DO NOT even exist yet!

This is NOT dropshipping nor do you source products on AliExpress or China.

It’s 100% made and shipped within the United States so you will never need to worry about long delivery time or quality of the products!

This revolutionary method isn’t new, but barely anyone is talking about it.

In fact, it opens up a floodgate of opportunities where you can cash-in from the $10 billion dollar industry. The best part, it’s only one small segment of the opportunity that’s worth over TEN billion dollars.

You’re absolutely out of your mind if you decide to skip this opportunity and if you get ahead of the game, you can cash in before anyone else does!

If you are already running an eCommerce store or looking to start one, this is one opportunity you simply cannot ignore.

So, you might be wondering, what is this business model?

It’s called Print-On-Demand.

It has secretly been a popular choice for underground eCommerce experts, because the power of uniqueness and customization is one of the biggest factors that consumers take into consideration before making a purchase.

But first, what exactly is a print-on-demand business?

Print-On-Demand Is Just Like Dropshipping, But Takes It To A Whole New Level!

… Where You Can Start Selling One-Of-A-Kind Products That Don’t Even EXIST Yet!

Print-On-Demand is like dropshipping but with a complete twist.

Just like the conventional dropshipping business model, you don’t need to see, touch, or ship a single product and the entire process can be fully automated!


The best part is, it requires minimal up-front capital to start.

Allow me to explain further.

Unlike the conventional dropshipping business model where you sell the same product as everyone else, you simply create and sell any CUSTOM products.

All you need is to just have simple graphics printed on different types of merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and many more to profit online.

It works in any niche that you are in or any industry you’re looking to crack open.

In fact, the opportunity here is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

How ONE Single T-Shirt Makes Over 7 Figures Per Year And Even Donald Trump Made $4 Million In 2 Months During His Presidential Campaign.

I know you might be skeptical about this.

But, I’m sure you can agree with me on the following.

Everyone buys t-shirts. Everyone needs a mug to enjoy their favorite drink. Everyone needs a hoodie to keep warm.

At the same time, people are more than willing to pay a premium just to have a simple graphic on these merchandise.

Ever heard of the slogan, “Make America Great Again”?

I bet you have, it is the slogan that Donald Trump used for his presidential run. And by simply having the words on a hat, validated sources say that he has made over $4 million between March 2020 and April 2020. (Resources Link)

Now, this isn’t something that only Donald Trump has access to because he ran for president.

Take a look at these screenshots from our private, members-only source.

That’s right.

One simple-designed t-shirt can be turned into a million-dollar business!

Now, you might be thinking how you can get started.

Allow My Team And I To Offer You Hand-Holding Guidance & Walk You Through The Entire Process Of Building Your Print-On-Demand Business.

But first, who are we?

Fred Lam

I’m Fred Lam, the CEO of several multi-million dollar businesses.

I actually started my journey over 14 years ago as a dishwasher, but I managed to turn myself from washing dishes to now owning multiple eCommerce businesses.

And after countless years of building eCommerce businesses and teaching thousands of individuals like yourself to become millionaires and 6-figure earners through my simple eCommerce training, I’ve discovered little-known tactics in the industry that are able to generate unprecedented results.

Take a look at the live leaderboard of my student sales below:

$ 1 0 , 1 4 0 , 9 9 0

However, I’m going to be really honest with you, my entrepreneurial journey did not start off smoothly.

In fact, I’ve failed many times in the beginning, because I was doing everything wrong, which wasted a lot of my time and money.

So I know how important it is to have a coach who is very knowledgeable and is able to guide you through the entire process.

Not only is a coach able to tell you the correct step-by-step method to follow, but also save you a lot of time and money trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t!

Michael Shin

And if print-on-demand is something that you want to pursue, then let me introduce to you, Michael Shih, our print-on-demand expert and coach.

Michael started his digital entrepreneurial journey in 2013. He has built multiple successful businesses, from local marketing to networking marketing. Throughout his years of venture, Michael has discovered print-on-demand where he managed to take his first store to 6-figures in just 60 days.

He even helped hundreds of students from all walks of life to crush it with print-on-demand. Here’s just a sneak peak of his students' results…

income screenshot income screenshot
income screenshot income screenshot

Disclaimer: results may vary between person to person.

With both Michael, myself and thousands of students we’ve coached, we’ve finally cracked the code and discovered the 3 KEY factors to building a successful print-on-demand business.

Cracking The Code To Print-On-Demand
The 3 Key Factors For Creating A Bullet-Proof Print-On-Demand Business That Is Capable Of Making An Income Online

After much trial and error, and testing different strategies, we have concluded that there are 3 key factors that separates wildly successful Print-On-Demand businesses from ones that have failed.

And they are:

Key Factor #1: Creating Compelling, Hot-Selling Designs

As you may have guessed it, the key to a successful Print-On-Demand business is the design. It’s important to create a design that is unique and emotional-appealing, because they tend to attract people’s eyeballs.

Ultimately, for you to build a profitable Print-On-Demand store, you must first have compelling designs that capture people’s attention.

By this point, you might be worried or even terrified..

..Because you’re not a designer or maybe even failed art class in school.

But don’t worry, you actually don’t need to be a designer or be good at drawing to start your own print-on-demand business.

As a matter of fact, you can start even if you can’t draw a single stickman!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s actually quite simple.

In fact, there’s a little-known way to get the best of the best designs by hiring designers from freelancing websites without breaking the bank!

Don’t want to invest into hiring designers? We got that taken care of also inside our POD Challenge where you get to see EXACTLY how we create designs WITHOUT any graphic design skills.

Key Factor #2: Set Up A Bulletproof Shopify Store & Automate Your Online Business With A Print-On-Demand Supplier

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, Shopify is by far the best all-around platform that many entrepreneurs trust and use. In fact, that’s the platform that all my students and I use.

And this is the 2nd step to building a wildly successful Print-On-Demand business..

..But only if you have set it up the correct way.

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest reasons for failure is actually not setting up the store correctly and profitably.

That’s why we’ll be sharing with you the untold secrets on how to set up an amazing store that is ready to be up and running in 24 hours or less..

..And even start profiting in record-breaking time!

But, of course, it doesn’t stop there.

Because once you’ve set up your Shopify store, you’ll need to find a trusted, reliable Print-On-Demand supplier to get the production process started!

And it’s actually as simple as installing the supplier’s app, uploading your design and then you’re all ready to start making sales with your print-on-demand machine.

The best part is - ALL this is FULLY AUTOMATED!

Once you’ve made a sale, the supplier will be notified and their army of employees will quickly create the product, pack it, and then ship it to your customer.

All you do is pay them a small fee for the production and shipment of your product (ONLY after you made your sales), and you get to keep the lion’s share of the profit generated from your sale!

Key Factor #3: Running Data-Driven Facebook Ads To Attract Highly-Targeted Visitors To Your Store

Traffic is the key to any successful business.

Imagine this, if you have a really compelling design, but without traffic, it’s useless.

And when it comes to the #1 traffic source, Facebook Ad is your best choice.

That’s because with Facebook’s technology and their targeting capability, you can easily find these highly-targeted audiences.

That said, you’ll need to create and set up your ads in a specific way in order to maximize your profit.

In fact, I’ve spent countless hours and money in discovering this Facebook Ad Strategy that is proven to get you results..

..And that’s my 3 x 3 Facebook Ad Method.

This specific ad strategy that I’ve tried & tested is designed to get you results FAST!

At the end of the day, time is money. So the faster you get results, the better.

But it doesn’t just end there, because creating the perfect ad isn’t all.

As I always say, “Let data speak for itself”.

So knowing how to analyze your Facebook data is the real goldmine with Facebook ads..

..Because these are the exact data that will turn your ads into profit.

As a matter of fact, analyzing data is something that many people tend to neglect, and as a result, oftentimes they fail.

So if you don’t want to end wasting all your time and effort, and having to start all over again..

..Then I want to personally invite you to join the well-crafted, results-driven challenge that my team and I have specifically designed for you!

We’ve taken the 3 key factors of building a wildly-successful print-on-demand business and broken it down into bite-sized, video mission training where you get to master it piece by piece in the next 21 days!

Each day, you are assigned a task to complete and by the end of the 21 days, if you complete all your video missions, you will have your bullet-proof eCommerce store LIVE and may even start generating sales!

In fact, to GUARANTEE your results, we’re throwing in a BIG bonus…

ALL 21-Day Challenge Students Get a FREE LIVE Accountability Coaching Call To Help You Complete Each Video Mission…

This is an enormous bonus and it means that you have access to ME helping you through this entire process. Ask yourself…

Do you really want to miss this?

So, Let Me Ask You…

Are You Ready To Accept Our 21-Day POD Challenge To Build Your Own Bullet-Proof Print-On-Demand eCommerce Store?

In Exchange For A Tiny Investment of $297 $20, Here’s What You Get:

21-Day Print On Demand Challenge ($3,897)
Daily Live Coaching Call With Michael Shih ($6,997)
Exclusive Community Access ($2,997)
Action-Taker Bonus #1: Winning Designs Checklist ($97)
Action-Taker Bonus #2: Facebook Ads Formula Workbook ($309)
Action-Taker Bonus #3: Graduation Masterclass ($197)
Total Value: $14,494 - Yours For Just $20
That’s 95 CENTS a DAY - 93% DISCOUNT

Are You Ready To Commit The Next 21 Days From September 1st To Build Your Bullet-Proof eCommerce Business From Scratch?

Do YOU Accept The Challenge?

Enroll Into POD Challenge

I Want DAILY Training, LIVE Coaching & Accountability From Day 1 To 21

Are You On The Fence And Want More Details Before You Accept Our 21-Day POD Challenge?

Let Me Share With You EXACTLY What You Get In Detail When You Join Our Challenge Today!

Our Print-On-Demand Challenge is designed to get you up and running with a print-on-demand eCommerce store by mastering the 3 key factors and help you get results in just 21 days.

Which means, with ONLY $0.95 a day, you’ll learn everything you need to start your own print-on-demand business completely from scratch.

In fact, we’ll walk you through the entire process from coming up with a gameplan, researching and getting design ideas, setting up your Shopify store, to running Facebook ads that will help your business thrive!

But of course, to ensure that you’ll see results, we’re throwing in bonuses!

So for only $297 $20, here’s exactly what you’ll get:

21-Day Print On Demand Challenge
(Valued at $3,897)

In the next 21 days, you will receive daily bite-size, actionable training and missions directly from Fred Lam.

Inside each video training, you have a task to complete based on our easy-to-follow and watch-over-our-shoulder training. These tasks are designed to master each phase of building your bullet-proof Print-On-Demand eCommerce store that’s capable of generating sales online.

Daily Live Coaching Call With Michael Shih
(Valued at $6,997)

We want you to have no questions left unanswered to complete your tasks that are assigned to you each day inside your video mission.

So to guarantee your accomplishment and success, you will get hand-holding guidance from our experienced coach Michael Shih, who managed to take his first store to 6-figures in just 60 days.

Exclusive Community Access
(Valued at $2,997)

Get access to iPro Academy designed Forum for questions and announcements.

Action-Taker Bonus #1: Winning Designs Checklist
(Valued at $97)

Products are the core of any Print-On-Demand eCommerce business!

With our Winning Product Checklist you will be given a complete breakdown on what it takes to truly become a winning product that has the potential to scale up your business.

Simply follow this checklist to ensure that your product has unlimited potential and without wasting time and money to test it yourself.

Action-Taker Bonus #2: Facebook Ads Formula Workbook
(Valued at $309)

Facebook ads play a significant role and are truly one of the keys to success with your eCommerce store.

We want you to be properly armed and be given all the resources you’d need to master Facebook ads for your business. This is where our Facebook Ads Formula Workbook comes in handy.

In it, you will have templates, examples, diagrams that will help you create and analyze your Facebook Ads like a pro even if you never create a Facebook ad ever in your life.

Action-Taker Bonus #3: Graduation Masterclass
(Valued at $197)

Once all your tasks are completed in all 21 days of your video missions, you will be invited to a private Graduation Masterclass to show you how you can continue to grow your bullet-proof Print-On-Demand eCommerce store and scale it to the moon!

So the total value for the entire package is $14,494..

..But right now you can now have all the resources you need to get started for just a small investment of $20!

In fact, my team thinks I’m beyond crazy for offering our hand-holding 21-Day Print-On-Demand Challenge for this jaw dropping low price.

But here’s the truth..

..Not everyone one is qualified to join this challenge.

That’s why I’ll need to make sure that you’ll actually benefit from the training.

So let me ask you a few questions:

Please Be 100% Honest And Check All The Questions Where Your Answer Is “Yes!”

If you’ve said “Yes” to all the questions above, then I can confidently say..

You Will Benefit From Our 21-Day Print-On-Demand Challenge, As My Team & I Will Hold Your Hand To Embark Your New Business Venture

I’m confident that with the guidance and support from Michael and I, you’ll be able to launch your first (or next) print-on-demand eCommerce store completely from scratch in just 21 days!

In fact, I can guarantee you that there's nothing out in the market better than our 21-Day Print-On-Demand Challenge for new beginners looking to start their entrepreneurial journey.

That’s because we keep our training as simple as possible and avoid any unnecessary technical side of running your online business.

To make this a complete no-brainer where we guarantee your results, we’re throwing in a huge bonus for action-takers where you can’t find anywhere else by offering you daily LIVE coaching calls to tackle any challenges you may be facing.

Our POD Challenge is the ONLY course where you’ll have daily LIVE coaching calls with our 7-Figure Coach, Michael Shih, to ensure that you are able to complete your tasks with ease, and most importantly, we don’t want to leave you hanging with any unanswered questions.

So if you’re ready to commit the next 21 days to push yourself, then by the end of our Print-On-Demand challenge, you will be guaranteed to have your bullet-proof Print-On-Demand business that’s capable of generating sales online LIVE!

And the best part is?

You may even start having sales rolling in even if you never made a penny online!

So - if you are 110% committed, then I personally invite you to join the challenge today.

Enroll Into POD Challenge

I Want DAILY Training, LIVE Coaching & Accountability From Day 1 To 21

Still On The Fence? Well, Just 2 T-Shirt Sales Will Instantly Pay For Itself And Our POD Challenge Will Continuously Help You Generate Sales - GUARANTEED!

I’m not making this sound too hyped.

But seriously, just TWO t-shirt sales already paid for your entire investment.

And your sales don't stop.

You’ll continuously make sales and with what you’re about to learn inside POD Challenge, you can simply just rinse and repeat the process.

Image if one t-shirt JUST makes 2 sales a week.

Each week you have 1 new t-shirt made. So in one month, you’ll have 4 t-shirts making you 8 sales per week. The next month, you have another 4 t-shirts made, that turns into 16 sales a week.

I think you get the point. It creates a snowball effect.

That means, after you made your first 2 sales, your investment is paid off, and all the rest are just going to go straight to your own pocket.

The profit potential is endless.

That said, if you are still thinking about getting your copy of our POD Accelerator Playbook, don’t wait. Do it now and grab your access then thank me later.

You’re even getting a silly discount from us but this is strictly limited.

Enroll Into POD Challenge

I Want DAILY Training, LIVE Coaching & Accountability From Day 1 To 21

The Time Is Of Essence
Our Challenge Is Starting Soon & No One Can Enter Late...

Our 21-Day POD Challenge will be starting soon.

If you’re reading this, it means that the challenge is still open for registration, but it will be closing down soon.

And if you're wondering -well, can't I just take the next challenge?

Well, the truth is - I don’t have an answer for that...

I'm not sure if or when the next challenge will be…

That said - you need to make a decision now as there’s a huge chance you may never be able to join this challenger - ever again!

After all - it’s only a tiny investment of $297 $20!

I’ve been called crazy for offering this at such a ridiculously low price!

Listen,our 21-Day Print-On-Demand Challenge can easily be offered for $997 or even $1,997. After all, there is rarely any eCommerce training that has a track record of over $46 Million in student results. This proves that our training works and it’s definitely replicable!

And right now, you only need to invest a mere $20 (we’re discounting it at 93% for just this week) to get our help to build your eCommerce business that has the potential to start generating sales online!

So, What’s The Catch?

I know you are skeptical and you may be thinking, what “evil” motive I have.

First of all - you need to understand that I lose money doing this.

I have to pay for my coaches and my support team to facilitate this challenge. In fact, getting you on this page costs me money.

It may be an affiliate that I have to pay a commission to or you’ve seen my ads on Facebook or Youtube that cost me an arm and a leg to get you here.

So - what is my “evil” plan and what’s the catch?

It’s simple.

There are 3 reasons why I’m doing this.

Reason #1: I want to start a relationship with YOU!
Reason #2: I want you to get results so you can record me a video testimonial.
Reason #3: After you get results - I want you to invest into my advanced programs or even mastermind in the future.

That’s it! These are my 3 “evil” motives for doing this.

And now, it’s up to you if you are truly ready to accept our challenge we’ve given you!

Enroll Into POD Challenge

I Want DAILY Training, LIVE Coaching & Accountability From Day 1 To 21

However, Our Challenge Is Not For Everyone Do You Really QUALIFY?

If you are planning to just watch the video training from Fred every day but do nothing with it - that’s up to you.

However, if you are driven to succeed, then… I’m going to be brutally honest with you!

There will be homework.

You may feel overwhelmed.

You might be frustrated throughout the process.

After all - you ARE creating a REAL business. We do ask you to commit 110% into your business.

We keep our training as simple as possible and avoid any unnecessary technical side of running your online business.

We even have a daily LIVE coaching call with our 7-figure coach, Michael Shih, to ensure you are able to complete your tasks with ease and have no questions left unanswered.

But if you commit the next 21 days to PUSH yourself and roll up your sleeves, then by the end of our eCom challenge, you will be guaranteed to have your bullet-proof ecommerce business LIVE that’s capable of generating 6-figures or more

You may even start having sales roll in even if you never made a penny online!

So - if you are 110% committed, then I invite you to join the challenge today.

Enroll Into POD Challenge

I Want DAILY Training, LIVE Coaching & Accountability From Day 1 To 21

Our Guarantee

Build-Your-Business Money-Back Guarantee

We truly stand behind our training and we’ve designed our POD Challenge to get you results and experience one of the BEST learning experiences in our industry. This is why we are so confident to offer you our Build-Your-Business Money-Back Guarantee. Listen, If you've followed our system, attended all our training and coaching calls, and you’re not satisfied, we will offer you a 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!


Student Results And What Students Say...


Fred Lam
Fred Lam
iPro Academy Founder

Fred started his working life over 13 years ago as a dishwasher. Knowing he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world and shortly became a reputable media buyer in the industry. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses with the mission to empower individuals with simple education and digital automation. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues to share his knowledge inside iPro Academy.

Michale Shih
Michale Shih
Digital Entrepreneur

Michael Shih has been a digital entrepreneur since 2013. He has built multiple successful businesses, from local marketing to networking marketing. Through his years of venture, Michael discovered print-on-demand where he managed to take his first store to 6-figures in just 60 days. Today, Michael focuses his time teaching students about print-on-demand.

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