Influencer Masterclass

Word of mouth advertising has been around for decades and now in the digital age, it has become more powerful than ever. Discover how you can leverage the power of Instagram influencers to drive highly-targeted traffic to sell any products you want without paying a fortune. This program also includes instant access to the IMC Research Tool, a proprietary software that does all the hard work for you to identify the best influencers in your niche with just a few clicks of a button.

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47 Videos | 12:20:59

  • 1.1: What Is Influencer Marketing?
  • 1.2: How Influencer Marketing Can Make Your Profit
  • 1.3: Understanding The Demographic Of Instagram
  • 1.4: Finding Your Niche
  • 1.5: Types Of Niches Within Instagram
  • 1.6: The Business Model
  • 1.7: The Do’s and Don’ts For Influencer Marketing
  • 1.8: Branding Your Store
  • 1.9: Creating Your Store
  • 1.10: Setting Up Your Store
  • 1.11: Must Have Shopify Apps & Add Ons
  • 1.12: Your Checklist To Success

  • 2.1: What is Dropshipping?
  • 2.2: Product Research
  • 2.3: Sourcing Product On AliExpress
  • 2.4: Alternate Sources For Dropshipping
  • 2.5: Pricing Formula For Products That Sell

  • 3.1: How To Create An Instagram Account
  • 3.2: What Are Hashtags And How They Affect Your Business
  • 3.3: How To Post On Instagram
  • 3.4: What To Post On Instagram
  • 3.5: Your Bio Box
  • 3.6: How To Post Instagram Stories

  • 4.1: How To Find Influencers On Instagram
  • 4.2: The Key Performance Indicators
  • 4.3: How To Start The Negotiation Process
  • 4.4: The Different Ways To Buy Shout-Outs
  • 4.5: Marketplaces For Instagram Influencers

  • 5.1: What Are Shout-Outs?
  • 5.2: Different Types Of Shout-Outs
  • 5.3: Influencer’s Bio Box
  • 5.4: How To Track Your Performance Using Tiny
  • 5.5: What Are The Post Key Performance Indicators

  • 6.1: The Life Cycle Of Re-Post
  • 6.2: How To Find More Shout-Outs
  • 6.3: Asking For Referrals
  • 6.4: Using Funnels & Profit Multiplier (Zero Up™)

  • 7.1: What Are Instagram Ads?
  • 7.2: Creating Your Business Manager Account On Facebook
  • 7.3: Connecting Your INStagram Account With Your Business Manager
  • 7.4: Installing Your Facebook Pixel For Instagram Ads
  • 7.5: How To Setup An Instagram Ad
  • 7.6: Targeting Explanation For Instagram
  • 7.7: The Ad Creative For Instagram Ads
  • 7.8: Data Analysis Of Instagram Ads
  • 7.9: Scaling Up With Instagram Ads
  • 7.10: Scaling Your Business


Bonus #1: 30-Day Free Access To

As a IMC Member, you are eligible for an extended 30-day free trial to - the ultimate URL shortener for marketers! Use to shorten links for your IG bio and ads to increase CTR and conversions, split-test different destination URLs and even create retargeting for 3rd party sites that you don’t even own.

Bonus #2: Weekly Live Coaching With Connor James

Mentorship is crucial when it comes to entrepreneurship. Let Connor James be that mentor and get on a weekly Facebook Live with him to have all your questions regarding your online store, influencer marketing, or anything related answered. He will be there to clear out any confusions and provide tips and strategies to scale your business forward.


To build a dropshipping eCommerce business is considerably inexpensive as opposed to building a standard eCommerce store as you do not need to order inventory in bulk or worry about delivery. However, there are definitely additional costs involved which include: website domain, website logo, eCommerce store such as Shopify, WooCommerce etc., apps, and of course advertising budget to do shout-outs and Instagram ads.

The IMC Research Tool is a proprietary software that provides powerful insights and analytics so that you can easily identify the popular influencers within your niche and filter out the “good” influencers from the “bad” ones based on the number of followers with real accounts, engagement rates etc. The tool literally helps you to the grunt work to save you time and energy!

There is a “No-Refund Policy” due to the digital format of the IMC program where members will receive immediate benefit prior to the return such as access to all course content, live coaching calls, community access, and tool. That said, if you’re already in the mindset to refund the course, we encourage you NOT to join IMC because you believe that you are already not coachable. However, there is a 3-day cancellation policy in place. If you think that Influencer Masterclass is not for you, you have up to 3 business days from the purchase date to cancel your membership and get a full refund. For cancellation request, please email

Generally, you want to choose a niche that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. If you are not at least interested in it, then it is hard for you to maintain the business. You also want to consider whether the niche is popular on Instagram (i.e. are there IG accounts with large followings in this topic), can the products be tied to a certain lifestyle, and also the demographics of IG users. Good examples of niches will include travel, food, health and fitness, home decor, fashion etc.

Yes! This program will show you step-by-step on how to build your brand and online store from the ground up. So even if you do not currently have a store, you will know how to build one with IMC!

We have two payment options for Influencer Masterclass: a one-time payment of $497 USD or three-monthly payments of $197 USD. If you can’t afford neither payment options, I think you would agree that you need this program more than anyone. Instead of thinking “I can’t afford this”, replace it with “How can I afford this?”.

You need to get creative and think of how you can find the money. There’s PayPal financing, credit cards, loans, parents, friends, family, you name it. Don’t just use that excuse, get creative and start thinking of ways that you can make this work. With the payment plan we offer you can get started today for just $197 USD. That’s all the money you need to get started right now, today.

This depends on how fast you are able to go through the program, how fast you take action and apply what you’ve learned into your business, and also the business approach you are going to take. Some people may see results as quickly as the first week of implementing, and others may take a longer time.


Connor James
Connor James

Connor started his entrepreneurship while he was still in college. However, he decided to drop out shortly after so he can focus on his online career more seriously. In less than a year, Connor generated over $900,000 in sales with no prior experience. Now, Connor owns 2 fast-growing online businesses and has been coaching students to replicate his success.

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