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After spending weeks or even months of your blood, sweat and tears on your Facebook ads, you finally found your best-converting ad.

Now, it’s time to scale!

Most advertisers think that scaling up their Facebook Ads, it is as simple as increasing the budget, creating more ad sets and expanding the targeting.

Then, it will magically become a 6-figure or even 7-figure sales-generator for your business.

Logically speaking, that makes perfect sense.

When you have found your winning Facebook Ad, the more budget you set and the more targeting you have, the more leads or sales you will generate.

However, that is not always the case.

In fact, most advertisers have experienced huge losses when they scale up their Facebook Ads.

And if you ever scale up your Facebook ads and experienced miserable results, you’re not alone.

Why Most Advertisers Suffer From Scaling Up Their Facebook Ad

Facebook’s advertising algorithm is a lot more complicated than you can imagine.

There are countless variables to consider when you are scaling up your Facebook Ads which Facebook never deliberately shares such knowledge or does a good job sharing it with advertisers.

To make matters worse, Facebook constantly make changes to their algorithms, which makes it even harder for advertisers to scale up the right way.

Without understanding what Facebook ultimately wants and how their algorithms work, it causes advertisers to be confused and suffer from scaling up their ads.

One great example is the most recent, debatable release within Facebook…

...CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization).

This is a massive release within Facebook and left many advertisers questioning the purpose of such update.

In reality, CBO is built for scaling but advertisers are not educated properly on it.

Previously, when your budget is controlled in the ad set level, it is a nightmare to scale.

You have to be very cautious on increasing your budget so you do not reset the “Learning Phase” of your ad sets. Once you increased it more than 20%, the “Learning Phase” resets which can cause your campaign from making a decent profit to a sudden loss for your ads.

Facebook is well aware of this issue hence they released CBO for all advertisers and enforcing advertisers to use CBO for their campaigns. This is because when you use CBO, increasing your budget will not reset the “Learning Phase”.

But the underlying truth behind this release is far greater than what you think.

The ultimate goal for Facebook is to let their algorithms do the heavy lifting for you…

...and Facebook will make continuous updates to their algorithm to accomplish something bigger…

...that is to turn Facebook advertising platform into an A.I. for advertising to allow Facebook to do all the heavy lifting for advertisers.

I discovered this through an intimate conversation I had with a high-profile Facebook representative. It surfaced when I had the same questioning about CBO to him, and the truth is, it makes total sense on each update Facebook does!

Knowing that piece of intel, to scale up your Facebook Ads to 6-figure or even 7-figure and beyond, you can eliminate all the variables that the algorithm takes into consideration…

...and solely focus on 3 interconnected variables to scale up!

They are:


The 3 Interconnected Variables That Makes Or Breaks When Scaling Your Facebook Ads

Like I mentioned earlier, Facebook will continuously make updates and it is outside of our control.

Luckily, there are 3 interconnected variables that we as an advertiser can control and that we should focus on when we scale.

I called these interconnected variables because each variable works hand-in-hand with each other. In fact, it is used to help you get better results when you scale up your Facebook Ads.

Let me explain this.

Scale Up With Big “Seed” Audiences

Facebook wants you to have big audiences!

Initially, you want to have a small sample size of the most targeted audience to test your Facebook Ads. Once it is proven by data that it is producing results for you, then you want to use big audience sizes to let Facebook do all the heavy lifting for you when you scale.

However, as you scale, you don’t want to randomly use irrelevant big audiences.

You want to use your best seed audience to accomplish the next interconnecting variable.

And it’s your pixel.

Scale Up With Big “Seed” Audiences

Your pixel is one of the most important assets for your business, especially when you are advertising on Facebook.

Your Facebook pixel is designed for several purposes. First, it allows Facebook to understand the in’s and out’s of the traffic it is sending to you and to see if it is achieving the results that you want.

Facebook’s algorithm always relies heavily on your pixel for optimization and to help you get the lowest cost in conversions. However, if you constantly give Facebook pixel the wrong signal such as having unqualified and low-converting seed audience through your funnel, your pixel will be trained to look for these unqualified and low-converting audience for you.

That will cause a huge problem when you scale!

This is why you need to ensure your seed audience is the most qualified prospects so your pixel is trained properly to fully take advantage of Facebook’s algorithm to do the heavy lifting for you.

In fact, with a well-trained pixel, it will also help you create lookalikes on Facebook to further help you find the best audience to serve your ads to. When you scale up, you are going to be scaling with the best audience and with the best pixel data to get the most results at the lowest cost possible.

To combine the big seed audience and your pixel data, you need to use the last interconnected variable, and that’s technique.

Scale Up With Big “Seed” Audiences

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are different techniques that you can use. The 3x3 Ad Formula that I designed is built to help you quickly find your top-converting Facebook Ad.

Once you’ve found it, you will need to use different techniques to combine your seed audience and pixel to help you get the results you want.

These scaling techniques are some of my best-kept secrets to scaling.

It’s how you setup your campaign, how you structure your ad sets and how you use your seed audience as your best targeting while leveraging your pixel data to do all the heavy lifting for you.

In fact, there are several techniques to use such as: Dynamic CBO Scaling, The Tipping Method, The Blanket Method and a lot more.

When you are able to take these 3 interconnected variables together, you can scale with confidence and potentially turn your winning Facebook campaign into a possible 6-figure or even 7-figure business.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure all this out on your own and spend a fortune to know this.

I shared all my best-kept Facebook Ad scaling strategies in our newly-released, FB Playbook: Advanced.

I documented all my techniques, strategies and what we focus on across all my businesses when we scale up our Facebook Ads.

Regardless of what business you run, this FB Playbook: Advanced is for you especially if you are looking to scale up your Facebook advertising.

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When it comes to scaling your Facebook ads, you need to look at your ROAS. However, the ROAS data that you see inside Facebook are flawed. They are incorrect and oftentimes, if you use the ROAS data within Facebook, you may be scaling your business at a huge loss. The reason I’m saying this is because your ROAS data within Facebook is only factoring your revenue and not your gross profit.

As a Facebook Advertiser, you need to be optimizing off of your True ROAS which factors in all the variable expenses to deliver your product.

In this module, we’ll explain in detail about ROAS and how to calculate your True ROAS to scale up with actual profit for your business. This formula is not available elsewhere and even some experts in the industry don’t even know how to calculate it and you’re going to learn exactly how to find your True ROAS.

Inside your Facebook Ads account, there are hidden data that most advertisers are not fully aware of. In fact, these hidden data are crucial for advertisers to scale up their ads. These hidden data are Audience Saturation, Auction Overlaps and Auction Competition.

Not only do you need to know where to find these data, you also need to understand them fully to make the right decisions and make the right predictions when you scale up your Facebook ads for your business. ! In this module, I’ll share with you exactly how to find these data and understanding how it plays a significant role in your business!

Majority of Facebook advertisers ignore this method. Almost all the Facebook advertisers I know are solely focusing on acquiring new customers. Truth is, your biggest profit is when to monetize from your existing customers. When a customer has bought from you, to convince them to buy more for you is easier than finding new customers and you have to have strategies in place to do so.

I call this the Post-Purchase Retargeting Method and within this method, there are 3 strategies that you should use simultaneously for your Facebook Ads. It is designed for you to make more sales and profit for your business!

If you recall, Facebook wants you to let them do all the heavy lifting and it is not just setting up a CBO campaign. It’s also within your creative. Facebook has recently introduced Dynamic Creative and the purpose of this achieve two goals. One is letting Facebook allocate your budget to your best-performing ad sets and second is allowing Facebook to find your best creative and prolong the lifespan of your ads and avoid ad fatigue.

In this module, I’ll be showing you how to use Dynamic Creative and CBO together and help you scale with this specific technique.

Here’s the honest truth. You will hit a glass ceiling when you are trying to increase your AOV (average order value). There’s one fact that I guarantee no other Facebook experts will disagree which is whoever has the highest AOV will always win.

However, at times, you have done all you can to increase your AOV but you are still breaking-even or losing some money when you scale. On the other hand, you don’t want to just ditch your hard-work, so what can you do?

Let me introduce to you my Tipping Method. This technique is designed for you to scale as high as you can while maintaining the profit for your business. It uses a specific manual bidding format that helps you get leads or sales at a lower cost than you normally would get to turnaround a campaign that doesn’t produce profit into profitability.

If you are running out of targeting to use and want to reach new customers as you scale up your Facebook Ads, then the Blanket Method is for you. The Blanket Method consists of 3-parts that are designed for you to find new customers and to build your best seed audience to scale up. In fact, if you have a mass-marketable product or offer, this strategy is designed for you. In this module, I’ll walk you through on how the Blanket Method works and how to incorporate the 3-part process into full effect to get your more leads or sales for your business.

Facebook loves content. After all, Facebook created the name “newsfeed” for a reason. They want their users to consume content within their platform and if you help Facebook achieve that goal, you’ll be rewarded.

However, creating content is time-consuming and it is not the best use of your time. Luckily, we have a solution for this. I call it the Content Curation Method. This is a sneaky, little loophole that I accidentally discovered where you can use other people’s viral content while controlling a call-to-action on their website and creating a custom audience for retargeting.

This strategy will help you get cheap clicks and allows you to play within Facebook’s ecosystem to be rewarded with lower CPM!

Within Facebook, there’s a hidden way to broadcast your promotion and messages to your followers. The crazy part is, this specific strategy has helped me turn a small investment of $50 into over $7,000 in sales! It is rarely used by Facebook Advertisers and even some experts are not aware of this specific strategy. And in this module, I’ll show you how to use Facebook as a broadcasting tool and generate one of the highest ROI for your business!

We all know that the money is within lookalikes. We even build our entire Facebook account and train our pixels to get lookalikes to convert. We’re told to simply use the standard lookalikes that everyone uses. These can be your purchase lookalikes, your add to carts and even your pageviews. All these are great, but there are a secret list of lookalikes that I personally use that outperforms any of the traditional lookalikes that you know of. In this module, I’ll reveal all my secret lookalikes that I use so you can see immediate results with your ads!

Most Facebook advertisers are led to believe that the maximum percentage of lookalikes that you can create is 10%. That’s true because that’s the maximum you can create within your Facebook account. But the truth is, there is a specific process that barely anyone knows about which allows you to create 11% to 20% lookalikes! This is a massive opportunity especially when you scale. And in this module, I will walk you through step-by-step on how to create 11% to 20% lookalikes that the public are not even aware of so you can scale with less competition!

FB Playbook: Advanced is designed to help you scale up your Facebook Ads.

If you want to master the entire process to scale your business with Facebook, this is a must-have for you.

Seriously, with Facebook Ads alone, you can easily scale your business up to 6-figure or even 7-figure and beyond. However, you absolutely need to know what you’re doing and combine the 3 interconnected variables to get maximum results.

FB Playbook: Advanced is built for anyone who is looking to scale their Facebook ads and for:

FB Playbook Advanced Diagram

If you own any of the above businesses and looking to scale up your Facebook Ads, then FB Playbook: Advanced is definitely for you!


Absolutely! If you’re looking to scale up your business with Facebook advertising, then this course is for you! Once you master the skills to run Facebook ads, you can apply them to any business including but not limited to eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Publishing and even Local Businesses.

If you are new to Facebook advertising, it is best to go through our FB Playbook course first. This course is for more advanced individuals, who have prior experience with Facebook advertising and are ready to take it to the next level.


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