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ATTN: Facebook Advertisers

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, video is the staple to your success.

With motion and movements within your post, it attracts your customers immediately and the ability to showcase your product and services.

In fact, according to a recent study, video ads have proven to drive 59.3% more clicks compared to ad formats, generated 47% higher click-through-rates, and 11% higher conversions.


However, despite the fact that videos are essential and can be turned into more profit for your business (if done correctly), it is a technical challenge for most people, including you.

Moreover, when you first create your video ad, you’re puzzled.

You’re confused on how the video ads are structured and how it can be created, especially if you have zero video editing skills or owning expensive video equipment.

In all honesty, it’s a mystery to most people, until we got flown down to Facebook’s Headquarter to learn from Facebook directly on what works!

The Video Ad Secrets We Learnt At Facebook’s Headquarter

Because of our big advertising budget at Facebook, we’re fortunate to get perks that many people do not have.

This is lucky for us, but also for you as well as we can share these secrets with you.

Here’s a quick proof of me, Fred Lam, the founder of iPro Academy writing on the legendary Facebook Wall.

Fred writing on facebook wall

Now, why is this picture so important and what does it have to do with creating highly-converting video ads?

It’s simple.

First, it proves that we did get flown down to Facebook, and second, what we learnt during our visit at Facebook changed the landscape of how we create highly-converting video ads!

Facebook acknowledge and wants more advertisers to use video as their main ad creative. The reason being is that Facebook has all the metrics and data to show that video ads are the highest-producing revenue for businesses, regardless of what size and what industry you’re in.

But to properly have video ads created is not easy and Facebook is fully aware of that.

This is why we got introduced to Thumbstopping Ads.

How Thumbstopping Ads Skyrocketed Our CTR and Lower Our Ad Costs

We were puzzled at first when we heard about this term “Thumbstopping Ads”.

But as we get into a training session, a big “Ah Ha” moment arised.

Thumbstopping Ad is simply, having Facebook users to stop the scroll of their newsfeed while they are on Facebook with their thumb.

Double the clicks

Make sense right?

But, why are Thumbstopping Ads so important?

It’s because it creates a movement and animation that immediately catches the attention of their users while they are scrolling through the newsfeed.

It’s like having a Ferrari sitting on the street versus having one that is zooming by right in front of you.

Your attention would immediately be gravitated towards the moving Ferrari because it is in motion.

During our training session at Facebook, we discovered their codename “Facebook Mobile Studio”.

The Facebook Mobile Studio is an initiative that Facebook was doing to help advertisers to create video ads with ease.

It requires no expensive software or any video editing skills to easily create a video ad.

It was hell of an experience. A very rewarding one.

However, after the training session at Facebook, we were still left confused on how to properly create video ads that convert.

We went back to our office and we dissected thousands of Facebook video ads to see what makes them engaging, interactive and most importantly converting into buyers.

After looking at thousands of Facebook videos and applying our knowledge and experience, we discovered a trend.

There are 3 Pillars to a successful Facebook Video Ads.

3 Pillars

The 3 Pillars To A Highly-Converting Facebook Video Ad

The 3 pillars are: Hook, Story and Offer

With these 3 pillars in place, it creates the structure, a proper and highly-converting structure of your video ads that is needed to turn Facebook users into buyers.

Let’s go in detail in each of them.

The Hook

According to Facebook’s study, you only have 3 seconds to catches a person’s attention. Majority of Facebook users only watches a video on average 10 seconds. That said, the hook is the important part of your video ad. You need to capture the person’s attention within the first 3 seconds so you can indoctrinate them to move to the story.

3 Pillars

The Story

People loves story and in most cases, people buy based on stories. Once you captured the attention of the prospect, you need to start the story-telling to immediately build a rapport with them to agree with you and be on your side. By the time you are able to do this, the sale happens almost instantly.

3 Pillars

The Offer

Deals, deals and deals. People love to take advantage of businesses. Regardless if it is something free, or a discount, people love it. It also gives them a justification on why they should click on the ad. The offer is key to push them over the cliff to go to your website and purchase the product. Without a good offer, people won’t feel they have a reason to buy from you. Offer them something irresistible!

3 Pillars

When you combine the 3 Pillars with the easy to use video editing software, you’ll be able to create high-converting video ads on Facebook that can potentially get you the highest CTR and lowest CPC which leads into lower cost per lead or purchase.

We documented our highly-converting Facebook Ad video creation process inside our eCom Studio.

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Inside eCom Studio, it will allow anyone without owning expensive video equipment or having any video editing skills to create highly-engaging and highly-converting video for your Facebook Ads.

Here’s a sneak peak on what’s inside this video blueprint:

In this module, you’ll learn the complete formula that we use to create highly-converting video ads. We’ll even breakdown some of the highest-converting video ads through our discovery and you’ll get to fully understand the entire formula to creating a highly-converting video for your Facebook Ad.

It’s tempting to just rip off someone’s video off of the Internet and use it yourself. If you plan on doing that, you’re getting yourself into some serious trouble. Researching and finding highly-converting video ads are important, but you do not want to copy it. However, through our discovery, there’s a loophole to it, and inside this loophole and research process, you’ll see exactly how to mimic other people’s hard-work into a highly-converting video ad.

You’re always told that in order to have the best video, you need expensive cameras and lenses that are worth thousands of dollars. It’s all a hoax. In this module, you’ll see how we use simple items that can be bought off of Amazon and using our smartphone to create high-quality video ads that converts!

People buy based on story. It’s a fact, but creating the story is not easy. However, we are able to break it down into simplicity and share with you how to reposition your video to get higher engagement. It’s seriously not rocket science. There’s a process to it and we’ll show you how to create video ads that does the story-telling!

Once you video is completed, you need to add after effects. We’re talking about adding music, sound effects, memes and even re-sizing for different placements for your Facebook Ads. It’s not complex and again you do not need any expensive software to tools to do them. In this module, we’ll show you the most simple and cost-effective way to add a spark to your video ad!

What we learnt at Facebook is now handed to you. Seriously! Thumbstopping Ad has accounted for a large amount of sales for our businesses, and to create a Thumbstopping Ad, there’s a process to it. In fact, we’ll even reveal to you the free tools we use and simply by using a smartphone, you can immediately create a highly-converting video ad at ease!

Don’t want to do the work yourself? It’s alright, we get it, however finding the right candidate and person to help you create your video ad is important. In this module, we’ll share with you exactly how to spot the best person and outsource all your video ads creation to someone else that doesn’t cost you a fortune to do it while maintaining the quality and elements needed to have a highly-converting video ad. This module alone will save you a ton of money!

You now got a glimpse into our eCom Studio Video Blueprint.


We want to even take this a step further.

We created a bonus module which shows you how you can monetize and make profit with these video ads.

We’ll unveil some of our secret hacks that you can apply and turn these videos into profit for yourself, even if you don’t have a bonus!

Hint: it’s a step by step method to help other people who don’t have this blueprint to create their video ads and charge them good money for!

Now, you may be wondering if eCom Studio is right for you or not.

eCom Studio is designed to help those who has zero video editing skills or have zero experience in creating a video ad for their business.

It’s also for those who owns an eCommerce business, an affiliate marketing business, an email marketing business, a lead generation business and even local businesses that are advertising on Facebook.

Remember, Facebook loves videos and to get the best result with your Facebook advertising efforts, video ads is a must.

Therefore, if you are advertising on Facebook and wanting to master the art of video ads creation, this course is for you!

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Ryan Shin
Ryan Shin
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Ryan Shin is an eCommerce Coach and a multi 6-figure Shopify store owner. Ryan started his entrepreneurship journey in 2017. He generated more than $500,000 in sales and coached students all over the world to replicate his success.

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