How To Fully Customize Your Shopify Website Without Hiring Overpriced Programmers & Turn Simple Coding Lines Into Profit...

...Even If You Have Never Seen A Line Of Code Before!

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ATTN: Shopify Store Owners,

Shopify is by far the best platform for eCommerce businesses.

It is designed so you never need to learn coding or programming to quickly have your store up and running, to start generating serious profit for yourself.

The Shopify team consisting of hundreds of programmers, has created ready-to-use themes to allow you to customize your store to make it look unique and professional.

However, most Shopify themes have limitations on what you can change and edit.

Even with editing, the majority of themes are not built for you to maximize your conversions and to generate the most money from your visitors through your heavily-invested traffic effort.

It only contains the bare basics for cosmetic changes of your store such as background color, font, and sizes.

In fact, when you discover a new Shopify trick through online forums, YouTube, or even Facebook groups, it requires you to edit your website’s code... get stuck and frustrated with not being able to implement them because you have no knowledge of code.

You’re simply left with one option: To hire someone on Fiverr to do the job for you.

How A $5 Fiverr Gig Can Help You In The Short-Run But Can Turn Into A Huge Disaster For Your Store

The moment you realize you want to make edits to your Shopify store, the first thing that comes to your mind is to outsource the task...

...and most entrepreneurs like you will immediately think of Fiverr.

Fiverr is an amazing outsourcing platform that can get your specific job done for just $5.

I must admit, even for my businesses, my team loves to use Fiverr..

..however, there are 3 hidden problems with Fiverr that most people are unaware of.

Hidden Problem #1: Their Sneaky Pricing

We are told that Fiverr cost only $5.

In some cases it’s still true, and in the past, when Fiverr was just a startup. However, the landscape has changed. Nowadays when you go to Fiverr looking to get a particular task completed, the listing doesn’t show $5.00...


..if you look deeper, the simple task that you wanted to create can potentially turn into a $50 bill and especially when it comes to coding related tasks, it can often cost a lot more. Not to mention, it comes with a long-delayed delivery of the job.

Hidden Problem #2: Long-Delayed Delivery Time

Money loves speed, and this analogy holds for your Shopify store too.

The faster you get in the market, and implement the website changes you want, the quicker you will generate sales.

But when you work with Fiverr, you can never expect a quick turnaround, unless you are willing to double or even triple the fee for faster delivery.

To make matters worse, not only will the delivery time be an issue, but also the back and forth communication with the developer will be a time-consuming affair for you...

...and the “expected delivery” doesn’t factor in the possibility of miscommunication between you and developers.

I’ve experienced this numerous times, where the provider understands and acknowledges the task, but then delivers something utterly different to what was agreed before. Then, with the multiple revisions, it took an even longer time to finish a simple task!

Hidden Problem #3: Outdated Codes

Shopify themes update frequently.

It updates to fix bugs or to enhance additional features that will help you with your store. However, these frequent updates can cause a huge disaster for your store..

..especially if you hired a programmer from Fiverr in the past that made customized changes for you.

Why? Because each time the theme updates, the customized edits that you paid for through Fiverr are not reflected in the new theme.

To make matters worse, you have zero clues on how to find your paid edits in your old theme to transfer them over to your new theme. Further to that, even if you find them, they may not work for your new theme.

You will have no option but to then find the same programmer you used on Fiverr, and hope that he is still in business, to pay him again to make the edits.

Fiverr is great, but then it is not a long-term solution for you and your business.

And that's why you need to understand the basics of coding, especially for Shopify.

Even though Shopify already offers simplicity, customization is something you cannot avoid, and you need to know the basics of coding to help you!

3 Basic Coding Edits That Will Help You Immediately Generate More Sales For Your Shopify Store

Having basic knowledge of code is super essential for online business owners.

It will give you more control over your business without relying on anyone else…

...and most importantly, afford you the ability to quickly implement website customizations that will help you generate more sales.

In fact, we’re going to share with you 3 quick coding edits you can do to your Shopify store and immediately start seeing results!

Results-Driven Coding Edit #1: Customizing Your Add To Cart Buttons

A simple tweak can make a drastic difference in the number of sales you make on your website. First and foremost, the most critical element to customize for a significant change in your sales is, the ‘add to cart’ button.

Some themes can have the best design and cosmetics, but when it comes to the ‘add to cart’ button, it is small and hard to find on the layout. In fact, the color and text of the ‘add to cart’ button can make all the difference in the world.

Now, don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at Obama’s Presidential run campaign, back in 2008. The first thing that they tested was the button that goes to the next step of the customer’s journey, and the result helped increase 18% of his $60 million online donations! (Source:

Imagine applying this simple change to your store to instantly increase your sales!

Results-Driven Coding Edit #2: Unwanted Products In The Search Results

Customers nowadays have become internet-savvy and avid online shoppers.

Before they make a purchase, they go into your search bar to find products that are offered at a discount, and this includes any free plus shipping items that you are using for your advertising.

As a result, your margins are lowered, and over time you’ll be making a lot less money or even lose money, all thanks to your search results on your website.

Surely, you can do everything you can to eliminate the special priced items from your store, but it will always end up showing in your search engine.

Fortunately, with a little basic coding work, you can remove all your unwanted products from your search results, forcing your customers to buy your products at a higher price!

Results-Driven Coding Edit #3: Eliminating Special Products In Related Products

Don’t you hate it when your customer is about to purchase your product, they find a better deal in your related products section that’s just under the product page.

This immediately impacts your margin as customers will want to purchase the lower priced item instead of the higher-priced item that you are trying to sell to them.

If the majority of the times your sale item is consistently showing up in your related products, that will damage your business and result in a lower margin for your business. However, related products are proven to increase the average order value of each customer that buys from you, what’s the solution?

Once again, you can fix this with a simple edit of codes!

To implement these results-driven edits, all you need is some basic knowledge of code.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to go to school and take long-dreadful classes to learn to code… fact, it is a lot easier than you think!

This is why at iPro Academy, we vetted one of our best instructors to create Coding For Profit for any Shopify store owners to learn the basics of coding even if you’ve never seen a line of code before!

For Just $27
Here’s The Entire Coding For Profit Course That’s Designed To Get You Results From Coding Without Knowing A Line Of Code!

Coding For Profit is designed for anyone who owns a Shopify store and has zero knowledge of code to quickly understand how coding works and how to instantly make edits to your store without hiring any expensive programmers.

At first, coding seems to be a difficult skill, and the fact that a tiny mistake can break your entire store can be nerve-racking. Luckily, with some simple, easy to follow tips, you can avoid this from happening and get maximum results with simple coding. In this module, you will learn what a beginner must be aware of, to achieve maximum results with simple coding edits to your website. This entire module is designed to help beginners like you who’ve never seen a line of code, to quickly understand what you should do to avoid your website to break.

When it comes to coding, there are different programming languages used to code. In this module, you will learn what these coding languages are and how these work along with the key fundamentals you need to master before you make any edits to your website.

HTML is the primary language that every website on the Internet uses. It is created to put the pieces of codes together to make your website visible to the user. In this module, you will learn the basics of HTML you will need and understand precisely how it all works.


controls the look and overall feel of your store. It is to make things pretty on your website. The color, font style, and buttons are controlled by CSS. In this module, you will learn what CSS is and how to make changes to your CSS to uplift the cosmetic look of your website even if your theme does not allow you to do so.

Javascript is one of the utmost important programming languages that every website relies on. It is a language that is designed to perform specific tasks and function when a user interacts with the website. In fact, Shopify relies heavily on javascript to perform all the functions needed inside a store and in this module, you will learn all the in’s and out’s of javascript, so you are fully equipped to make any changes you desire.

Liquid is a specific programming language that Shopify uses to put all the coding languages together into one. There are a lot of similarities to the commonly-used website programming languages with a slight modification. In this module, you will learn everything you need about the Liquid language that Shopify uses, so when you make edits to your website, you know exactly what each code does.

Now, with a basic understanding of all the languages that your website uses, it’s time for some results-driven tasks that you can instantly implement for your store to see an uplift in conversions and sales. The first one is removing unwanted products from your search results. As mentioned earlier, promotional products should not be shown in your search results. However, no matter what you do on Shopify, the search results will always display all the products that are available for your customers to purchase, even if they are the ones you don’t want the public to see. In this module, you will learn a complete, step-by-step tutorial on how you can remove all your unwanted products from your search results to never show up again to your customers!

The more benefits and selling-points you have on your product page, the higher your chances to turn ice-cold prospects into your customers. However, there are a ton of limitations when it comes to the product page. Frequently, when you want to add in additional information, it will turn your product page into a forever-scrolling web page, that hardly any of your prospects would like to scroll through. In this module, you’re going to learn how to prevent that from happening. With a simple change in coding, you can add page tabs within your product page to add in additional information about your product without making your product page a forever-scrolling web page. This can help with your conversions and allow you to create a cleaner product page that’s easier for your prospects to navigate.

As discussed earlier, no business likes it when their customers see a discounted product of the same item they are about to purchase in the “Related Products” section. Related Products are essential for all Shopify stores. This section is proven to increase the average order value and is supposed to generate more money from each customer. However, if your promotional or discounted item is shown in the Related Product Section, your customers will steer towards purchasing your product at a lower price. It is human nature to pick an option that is cheaper for their purchase. Thus, Related Products end up creating more harm than good.

With a simple change in code explained inside this module, you will have a complete step-by-step, over the shoulder tutorial on how you can easily fix this issue and instantly apply it to your store!

During Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign, it has been documented that Obama generated over $60 million in donations through his online efforts. What does this have to do with customizing your add to cart button, you ask? Well, according to a study, the Obama campaigners tested one small change on their website, and it is their button. This one small change resulted in an uplift of 18% conversions! At $60 million and 18% lift, that’s over $6 million in additional donations for Obama!

This is to prove how important the ‘add to cart’ buttons are for your Shopify store. In this module, you will learn how you can fully customize your ‘add to cart’ buttons to see an instant uplift of conversions without spending more money!

This entire Coding For Profit course is designed for any Shopify owners who want not just to learn the basics of coding to have full control of their website, but also instantly see an uplift of conversions and generate more revenue with their website!

Coding For Profit is built for beginners. Even if you have not seen a line of code, you will be fully capable and understand how to make the edits you want on your website for better conversions!

Implement The Results-Driven Coding In Your Shopify Store To Generate More Money For Just $27!

Here’s the deal. We’re confident to say that once you master what you’re about to learn inside Coding For Profit, not only are you going to save a significant amount of money from draining by hiring expensive programmers…’ll potentially make more money using our coding edit strategies you’ll learn inside.

The best part is, once you’ve learned to code inside Coding For Profit, the knowledge you gain will last you a lifetime.

Right now as an iPro Academy member, we want to offer you our entire Coding For Profit Course for JUST $27!

22 Videos - $1.22 Each - $27 Only

That means each video training costs as little as a bag of chips at the vending machine!

Seriously, it costs less than hiring someone on Fiverr to do ONE single edit you want. Imagine yourself getting a copy of our Coding For Profit, and the ability to make all the customizations on your website to increase your sales by yourself! That’s well worth it!

This $27 deal is only available for a limited time.

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Christoper Burgess
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Chris is a computer programmer by day and entrepreneur by night. He created Coding For Profits as a way to help other e-commerce entrepreneurs and to give back to the iPro Academy community that helped him get his own start in e-commerce. Today, Chris spends his time building businesses, investing, and traveling.

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