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ATTN: Anyone who wants more highly-targeted traffic:

Everyone is focusing on Facebook.

In fact, a majority of advertisers are whining and complaining about the rising costs of Facebook Ads, causing most people like you unable to turn them into instant profit.

To make matters worse, when Facebook decides to shut down your account without any reasoning or disabling your ads out of the blue, you’ll be out of business overnight. (I’m not exaggerating.)

This is just one of the many reasons why we should not solely rely on Facebook when we build our long-lasting businesses.

There are many ways to generate traffic, leads and sales to your business.

The Bing Search Network is definitely one that you seriously cannot ignore.

Most people overlook this because they believe it is too hard or it’s too small to even waste time on, or they simply do not have the knowledge to tap into it.

The “Widely-Overlooked” Reasons Why You Are Leaving Money On The Table If You Don’t Get Traffic From Bing

We all know how massive Google is.

However in comparison, we are led to believe that Bing is so small that it can be ignored, but you’re absolutely wrong!

Bing’s network is bigger than you think.

Bing’s power comes in their joint forces of Yahoo and AOL. With the trio search network’s combination, they account for 33% of the entire United State’s monthly search volume!

Bing ads network

In fact, according to ComScore, they have over 6 BILLION searches in a single month!

Each search is not a typical search for something random.

Whenever someone performs a search in the search query, we call them as “Hyperactive Buyers”.

These people are those who are ready to pull out their credit cards and beg to give you their money.

Why? It’s simple logic.

Reflect back the last time you performed a search in a search query.

You are either in the market for a product or service and you want to do a review or find a better deal. Or, you have a problem and you are searching for a solution to it.

If the search results come back with the exact thing you wanted and it costs you money, you’ll be more than happy to pull out your credit card to place an order.

To make this explanation easier, let’s say you are having a football party at your place tonight and you need to order pizza.

What do you do? You search for your favorite pizza place in the search query to find their phone number.

Once you found the phone number, you call and place an order immediately!

This is why we call each person who searches in the search query Hyperactive Buyers!

If you are able to master Bing Ads, it can turn into huge profit for your business.

I was even able to turn $2,000 of ad spend into $17,000 in sales!

That’s a 750% instant ROI and $15,000 in PROFIT!

How I Turned $214,531 Of My Bing Ads To Find Hyperactive Buyers And Turn It Into Profit

In just one of my Bing Ads accounts, I was able to profitably spend over $200,000!

Here’s a screenshot to prove this:

bing ads spent screenshot bing ads spent screenshot

I’m able to do this because of my 3-step process with Bing Ads.

The 3-Step Process to creating profitable Bing Ads campaign are: Keywords, Setup, & Data.

bing ads diagram

Let’s start with Keywords first.

When it comes to advertising on Bing, it’s all about the Keywords.

These are a list of keywords that you are letting Bing know when to show your ads to your customers.

Most people simply just put in a bunch of keywords that they “believe” are what their customers are searching for so their ads can be shown to them.

This is why most people fail with Bing.

The keyword selection and how to structure them makes a significant impact to your business.

It affects the cost you pay and the profitability you get with Bing Ads.

Going in without the proper knowledge can cause you to lose a ton of money.

Second is the Setup.

I have to admit this.

The default Bing Ads settings sets you up for failure.

Why? Because the Bing Network consists of other things besides the Search Network.

They have something called the Audience Network and native ads. As much as I love Bing, these networks are setup to get you a landslide of impressions but super low quality clicks.

However, if you can setup your Bing Ads the proper way, you will be rewarded with lower cost per click and higher quality traffic!

Lastly, Data.

Here’s something that will shock you.

Even if you provide a list of keywords to Bing Ads, your ads may not actually show based on the keyword that you wanted!

That means, you may be getting irrelevant and low quality traffic without you knowing it!

Inside Bing Ads, there are hidden places to find these data.

With these data, you are able to eliminate unnecessary costs and potentially turn a campaign from losing money to instant profit and transform your profitable campaigns into greater profit!

Once you are able to master Bing Ads, it can be the most steady traffic source you’ll ever get. You can capture instant leads and sales for your business without worrying about the algorithm working against you, like Facebook.

I have advertised on Bing for over a decade and I documented my entire process.

I even created a step-by-step playbook that I use to train my team on Bing Ads.

If you want to master Bing Ads, you’re in luck.

Introducing my Bing Ads Playbook!

For Just $47
Here’s The Entire Bing Ads Playbook - I Reveal It All!

Here’s a sneak peak of the 11 simple modules that’s inside my Bing Ads Playbook:

Without knowing the in’s and out’s about the Bing Network, it can cost you an arm and a leg. When it comes to Bing, it is bigger than you think. Before you even launch your first ad on Bing, you have to understand how Bing Ads work. This is where our launchpad comes into play. You’ll understand fully about how Bing ads work and how you can use it to your advantage to set up for success.

Traffic can always be turned into profit, but only if you know what you are doing. In fact, the thing I love about Bing is that it is much easier than other traffic sources to turn into profit. The main reason is their easiness of accepting majority of online business models that other traffic sources hate. In this module, I’ll be revealing the ways you can turn Bing Ads into a wildly-profitable online business. I’ll break-down how each business model works and what you need to build a profitable business revolving around Bing Ads.

There is a long list of do’s and don’ts on Bing. The do’s is the easy part, but the don’ts can be dangerous if you are unaware of what they are. Even though Bing is a much easier network to work with, there are still a list of things that you must avoid. If you don’t, you will end up losing your account and be forever banned from Bing which is not what you would want. In this module, I’ll share the extensive list of the things you should do on Bing and the things you must avoid at all costs so you are setup for longevity with Bing!

I always preach this: let data tell you the story. In order for you to get the right data, you need to have the correct tracking created. Without properly setting up your tracking, you will be getting irrelevant data which leads to wasting ad spend on Bing. In this module, I’m going to share with you how to setup your tracking properly, regardless of what websites your run, from Shopify Stores to Wordpress sites, you name it, we cover it!

Keywords plays a major role in the success of your Bing Ads campaign. You do not want to randomly toss in a bunch of keywords and hope that they will convert. Most people do this and it ends up costing you a ton of money. When it comes to keyword, there’s a specific process I use to research and determine if the keyword is going to be producing profit or not. Finding your hyper-targeted keywords will result in a greater chance of success and profit for your business. In this module, I’ll reveal step by step on how I find hyper-targeted keywords and what to lookout for when you are creating yours. It’s simple and super effective!

Within Bing, there’s a mysterious scoring system called the Quality Score system. This Quality Score determines how much you will be paying to Bing for every click. The higher your score is, the lower your cost is going to be. Through my years of advertising on Bing, it came to my realization that the structure of your Bing campaigns makes a drastic impact in the Quality Score. Ever since I created my strategy of the structure of my Bing Ads campaign, I have been experiencing Quality Score of 10 out of 10 most of the time. In this module, I’ll show you how to structure your campaigns the right way and the most profitable way while paying less than you need.

The higher your CTR (click-through-rate) is, the lower your cost is going to be. This is a universal law when it comes to advertising online, especially with Bing Ads. How you write and position your Bing Ad copy can get you better quality customers and cheaper clicks! In this module, I shared my X-point checklist to help you write the most effective, highly-converting Bing Ads without needing any prior experience or without having perfect English!

Bing Ads are filled with landmines. If you follow the “best practice” by Bing, you are setup to fail. It is unfortunate, but that’s the brutal truth. I have burned tens of thousands of dollars to finally lock down the correct setup for my Bing Ads. When you first setup your Bing campaign, it looks simple, but there are a lot of features and functionality that you must avoid. In fact, many people fail with Bing Ads because of the setup process. Creating a Bing Ads campaign requires a specific procedure and steps to maximize your profit. In this module, I’ll walk you through step by step and over my shoulder on exactly how to setup your Bing Ads campaign the RIGHT way.

The bigger your ad is the more clicks you get. It’s just like advertising with the traditional billboard ad. If your billboard is small, chances to get people’s attention is small, however if your billboard is double in size than anyone else, you will get all the attention which leads to a floodgate of lead and sales. When it comes to Bing Ads, there are some hacks that you can use to double your ad space. In this module, I’ll share with you exactly how to do it! This will make your competitor’s ad look small and bully them out the market!

Like any traffic sources, data is king. Knowing how to find these data and interpret them is absolutely crucial for the success of your Bing Ads. With Bing, there are a lot of hidden gems of data and you can quickly optimize for profit with them. These insider secrets are never shown to the public and it is the staple to my Bing Ads success. In this module, you get to master the entire process and be shown the insider secrets to optimize Bing Ads for profit!

We all love to scale. Once we got our campaigns converting, we can scale up as quickly as possible to generate more leads and sales. Scaling with Bing is simple but once again, there’s a process in place to scale up your campaigns with the highest ROI. It’s not just about increasing your budget, but there’s a lot more to it. In this module, I’m going to reveal it all!

Now you have a glimpse of what’s inside my Bing Ads Playbook.

You might be wondering, is this for you?

The answer is YES.

Bing Ads is a skill set.

A very valuable skill set that every business or entrepreneur must have.

This Bing Ads Playbook is built for:

Bing Ads Playbook Diagram

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