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Master the #1 most valuable skill that every business needs for flourishing success - media buying! Whether you are a small business owner, an employed digital marketer, or even someone without a business, you can acquire the skills of media buying and apply it to any business of any niche to generate results-driven traffic.


77 Videos | 7:55:17

  • 1.1.1: eCommerce Blueprint - Dropshipping
  • 1.1.2: eCommerce Blueprint - Joint Ventures
  • 1.1.3: eCommerce Blueprint - Amazon FBA
  • 1.1.4: eCommerce Ad Strategies - Free Plus Shipping
  • 1.1.5: eCommerce Ad Strategies - Keystone
  • 1.1.6: eCommerce Ad Strategies - Single Product
  • 1.1.7: eCommerce Ad Strategies - Cold Amazon
  • 1.1.8: Scaling Up eCommerce - Affiliates
  • 1.1.9: Scaling Up eCommerce - Diversifying

  • 1.2.1: Local Business Blueprint
  • 1.2.2: Local Ad Strategies - Couponing
  • 1.2.3: Local Ad Strategies - Contests
  • 1.2.4: Local Ad Strategies - Event Marketing
  • 1.2.5: Scaling Up Local Business - Customers
  • 1.2.6: Scaling Up Local Business - Refer-A-Friend
  • 1.2.7: Scaling Up Local Business - Diversifying

  • 1.3.1: Lead Generation Blueprint
  • 1.3.2: Lead Gen Ad Strategies - Close Method
  • 1.3.3: Lead Gen Ad Strategies - Value Method
  • 1.3.4: Lead Gen Ad Strategies - Arbitrage Method
  • 1.3.5: Scaling Up Lead Generation - Referral Fees
  • 1.3.6: Scaling Up lead Generation - Alliance

  • 1.4.1: Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • 1.4.2: Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies - Review
  • 1.4.3: Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies - Content
  • 1.4.4: Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies - Bridging
  • 1.4.5: Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies - Quiz
  • 1.4.6: Affiliate Marketing Ad Strategies - Presell
  • 1.4.7: Scaling Up Affiliate Marketing - Team
  • 1.4.8: Scaling Up Affiliate Marketing - Publishing

  • 1.5.1: Digital Publishing Blueprint
  • 1.5.2: Digital Publishing Ad Strategies - Lead Magnets
  • 1.5.3: Digital Publishing Ad Strategies - VSL
  • 1.5.4: Digital Publishing Ad Strategies - Long Form Salesletter
  • 1.5.5: Digital Publishing Ad Strategies - webinar Funnels
  • 1.5.6: Scaling Up Digital Publishing - Affiliates
  • 1.5.7: Scaling Up Digital Publishing - Full Product Line
  • 1.5.8: Scaling Up Digital Publishing - 1-on1 Coaching Program

  • 1.6.1: The Agency Blueprint
  • 1.6.2: Agency’s Preparation
  • 1.6.3: Agency Ad Strategies - Free Consultation
  • 1.6.4: Getting Clients - Referral Fees
  • 1.6.5: Getting Clients - Traditional Hunter
  • 1.6.6: Getting Clients - Online Hunter
  • 1.6.7: Scaling Up Agency - The Arbitrage Method
  • 1.6.8: Scaling Up Agency - Team Building
  • 1.6.9: Scaling Up Agency - Offer Local Seminars

  • 2.1: Traffic Is A Skill Set
  • 2.2: Traffic Is An Investment, Not Expense
  • 2.3: Let Data Tell You The Story
  • 2.4: The Rollercoaster Ride
  • 2.5: Articulate A Traffic Plan
  • 2.6: Being Compliant
  • 2.7: Hooks, Hooks, and More Hooks
  • 2.8: The Greek Column
  • 2.9: The Psychology Behind An Ad

  • Week 1: The High-Performance Media Buyer’s Launchpad
  • Week 2: The 3-Step Formula To Turn Social Media Traffic Into Profit
  • Week 3: Tapping Into The Massive Pool Of Hyperactive Buyers For Any Businesses
  • Week 4: The Traffic Rolodex To Advertising On 95% Of The WorldWide Web
  • Week 5: Master The Art Of Video Advertising On YouTube
  • Week 6: How To Create An Infinite Loophole Of Sizzling Hot Traffic
  • Week 7: Media Buyer’s Guide To Scaling To The Moon
  • Week 8: How TO nEver Go Broke & Become A 6+ Figure Income Media Buyer


  • Facebook Ads: Understanding Facebook Ads Reporting
  • Facebook Ads: 4 Levels Of Optimization
  • Facebook Ads: Advanced Optimization
  • Facebook Ads: Additional Strategies

  • Search Ads: Customizing Your Reporting Columns
  • Search Ads: 4 Phases Of Analysis
  • Search Ads: Advanced Analysis
  • Search Ads: Opportunities Exploration

  • YouTube Ads: Customizing Your Reporting Columns
  • YouTube Ads: 4 Phases Of Analysis
  • YouTube Ads: Where Ads Are Shown
  • YouTube Ads: Additional Tips & Strategies

  • Display Ads: Customizing Your Reporting Columns
  • Display Ads: 4 Phases Of Analysis
  • Display Ads: Where Ads Are Shown
  • Display Ads: Scaling Tips


  • Media Buyer Alliance
    Bonus #1: Private Media Buyer Alliance Facebook Group
    Be part of the MBA Facebook community to mastermind with Fred Lam and other aspiring high-performance media buyers to get the latest digital media buying industry trends and updates. Share and receive support and encouragement with others on this journey to media buying success! Fred will also be holding you accountable inside our MBA Facebook Group to ensure you’re on track and most importantly, mastering each step of the process during your 8-week live mentorship to acquire the #1 skill set that any businesses need to build, grow and scale their business.
  • Leads Academy
    Bonus #2: Leads Academy
    Get an additional 5-week access to a new business model training on lead generation. Let’s face it, businesses need traffic because they want either leads, sales, or both! In this training, you will learn how to generate leads cost-effectively and turn them from cold prospect leads into qualifying customers for your sales pipeline!


Fred Lam
Fred Lam
iPro Academy Founder

Fred started his working life over 13 years ago as a dishwasher. Knowing he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world and shortly became a reputable media buyer in the industry. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses with the mission to empower individuals with simple education and digital automation. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues to share his knowledge inside iPro Academy.


Yes, no matter where you are located in the world, you can master the skills of digital media buying with Adtrics Academy. The entire program is organized online so all you need is a functioning computer/laptop/tablet and access to the Internet!

The 8-week mentorship training with Fred Lam is pre-recorded so that you can learn from it at your own pace and time. If you have any questions in regards to the training, we encourage you to ask in the Facebook group or email!

The answer is simple. If you are already looking for the refund policy, then we encourage you NOT to join Adtrics Academy. You’re already in the mindset of not being able to be coachable and not believing that you can do it. What you’re about to master in Adtrics Academy is a decade worth of knowledge and millions of media buying spend to acquire. You can surely do these all yourself, but it will take you 10x the price and 10x the time to do so. That said, we are strict with our ‘No-Refund’ Policy. Remember, you’re getting 8-week of mentorship and get direct coaching from Fred Lam himself. It’s like if you scheduled an appointment with a consultant. You can’t just ask for a refund after they have spent time with you. However, there is a 3-day cancellation policy in place. If you think that Adtrics Academy is not for you, you have up to 3 business days from the purchase date to cancel your membership and get a full refund. For cancellation request, please email

You will get access to all of Adtrics Academy with your investment in the program. There will be no additional selling to you. When you implement what you’ve learned into your business, you will certainly need to invest in online advertising, as well as other resources such as a website, domain, and any types of outsource work that you’ll need. Inside Adtrics Academy, you’ll also learn Fred Lam’s B.S. framework to start your business even if you have a limited budget and still can potentially become a 6-figure earner. Which framework you choose is up to you.

We have two payment options for Adtrics Academy: a one-time payment of $2,495 USD or three-monthly payments of $997 USD. If you can’t afford either payment options, I think you would agree that you need this program more than anyone. Instead of thinking “I can’t afford this”, replace it with “How can I afford this” You need to get creative and think of how you can find the money. There’s PayPal financing, credit cards, loans, parents, friends, family, you name it. Don’t just use that excuse, get creative and start thinking of ways that you can make this work. With the payment plan we offer you can get started today for just $997. That’s all the money you need to get started right now, today.

This depends on how fast you are able to go through the program, how fast you take action and apply what you’ve learned into your business, and also the business approach you are going to take. Some people may see results as quickly as the first week of implementing, and others may take a longer time.

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