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ATTN: Anyone who’s spending a minimum of $5 on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad cost has reached an all-time high.

In fact, it will continue to rise at an unprecedented rate which will eventually make new businesses or start ups nearly impossible to afford the expensive ad cost.

To make matters worse, with the outbreak and pandemic that’s occurring worldwide, more and more local businesses are rushing to get online to fight for customers.

While all this is happening, the new users growth of Facebook has been stagnated all thanks to the newly-released social media platforms such as Parlor and TikTok.

So, when there are high demands from Facebook Advertisers buying ads and the number of users remain the same, the cost of ads will unfortunately go up day by day.

However, Facebook Ads is STILL by far the most profitable way to generate a flood of sales.

Why? Because they’ve invested billions of dollars into their algorithm and artificial intelligence to ensure advertisers are getting results and it’s the only platform that has precision targeting capabilities that other platforms could not offer.

This leads to the magic question, how do some make a killing with Facebook Ads while others are losing their shirts?

The answer is simple.

The #1 Reason Why You Are Losing Money With Your Facebook Ads And How You Can Avoid It To Finally Make More Money

Majority of people who advertise on Facebook are focusing on the WRONG thing.

They chase for the next shiny strategy, hoping to cut their ad cost.

They follow Facebook “guru” advice on using strategies with a cool name on it to game the system and praying that their sales will magically flood in.

In fact, they even listen to these so-called “Facebook Marketing Experts'', who promise to offer free marketing advice but end up losing even more money because they’re just flat-out customer support who never ran an ad before.

Truth is, when it comes to Facebook Ads, the strategy is not the most important part.

Facebook has designed their advertising platform based on algorithms, data and auction. They use artificial intelligence to show your ad to the right people at the right time at the LOWEST cost.

But most importantly, Facebook delivers your ads based on HOW their users respond and interact with your ad.

This is how Facebook is able to level the playing field for all the advertisers.

Those who have ads with better interactions and with more users responding, they are rewarded handsomely!

After all, if Facebook continuously serves ads and posts that their users do not want to see, their users will leave with a sour note and when they leave, Facebook loses their revenue.

Now you know the little secret of how Facebook works and the importance of interactions, you might be wondering, what determines the interaction?

The answer is… the CTR (Click-Through Rate) of your ad!

The Wildly-Overlooked Metric That Deems The Success Of Your Facebook Ads Or Dooms Your Business

First off, for those of you who are wondering, what is CTR?

CTR stand of click-through rate.

It’s the percentage of people who see your ad and click on your ad.

CTR Formula

The click is an interaction that comes in forms of playing the video on your ad, commenting on it, sharing it to their friends and most importantly, clicking your ad to visit your website.

In the eyes of Facebook, your CTR determines how their users are engaging with your ad and the likelihood if your ad will help their ecosystem or not.

The higher your CTR is, the merrier Facebook is, and the more merrier Facebook is, then they reward you with better placement and even pricing in their auction-based advertising platform..

As a matter of fact, CTR is the holy grail metric for all online advertising - NOT just Facebook Ads.

The CTR can even deem the success of your business or dooms it.

Let me explain why.

Let’s say that you’re selling a physical product for $20.00 with free shipping.

Your cost of goods and shipping is $5.00. You make $15.00 gross profit before ad spend.
The conversion rate of your website is 5%. So for every 100 people that goes to your website, 5 of them buys from you.

Now, with those base numbers and having your ad cost EXACTLY the same, let’s look at the diagram below.

Ad Results Comparison

Ad #1 AD #2
Impression 10,000 10,000
(Cost Per Thousand View)
$15.00 $15.00
Ad Cost $150.00 $150.00
CTR 2.00% 3.00%
Conversion Rate 5% 5%
Total Sales 10 15
Gross Profit 10 x $15 = $150.00 15 x $15 = $225.00
Your Profit $0.00 $100.00

As you can clearly see, with just a slight increase in CTR, Ad #2 generated PROFIT while Ad #1 didn’t make a single penny in profit.

In fact, this is the EXACT reason why most eCommerce businesses whine and complain that they copied a winning, viral product of their competitors but can’t make money.

The answer is in front of you.

It’s because of the CTR!

The Rule Of Thumb: The Higher Your CTR The More Money You Make With The Same Budget!

The higher your CTR is, the less you pay per click with the same budget which results in more visitors to your website and more sales!

And with a high CTR, you will never need to worry about the rising cost of ads because you’ll get visitors to your website for a much lower cost than anyone else.

However, you might be thinking... 3% CTR impossible.

Well, take a look at the screenshot below.

Screenshot of CTR Table

We’re able to get our CTR for our ads as high as 12%!

How do we do it?

Over the past decade and with tens of millions of dollars of advertising spend under my belt, I’ve created a framework for all my ads.

Regardless of what products or services are being advertised, this framework gets us results that overcome expensive ad costs and outright beat our competitors.

And recently, I documented my framework and created a step-by-step playbook that I use to train my team on it.

If you want to master how you can drastically increase your CTR for your ads, cut your ad cost and instantly increase your profit, then you’re in luck.

Introducing my Ad Copy Playbook!

For Just $7
Here’s The Entire Ad Copy Playbook - I Reveal It All!

Here’s a sneak peak of the 7 simple modules that’s inside my Ad Copy Playbook:

Module #1: The Legendary AIDA Framework

Before you start creating your Print-On-Demand business, you would need to understand the entire end-to-end process of creating, running and generating income with Print-On-Demand. Not only that, you would need to know the details that you need to pay attention to and how to properly create your Print-On-Demand business with a laser-focused goal to success and profit. Inside this module, we’ll share with you in great lengths about the Print-On-Demand business and what the #1 key focus is to profit with it.

Module #2: The Stranger’s Hooks

Just like a fishing hook, you need to have a “hook” to hook your ideal customer. After all, when you are advertising on Facebook, 90% the time, you are focusing on attracting a complete stranger to visit your website and turn them into your paying customer. The “hook” sets the stage for your ad. Without a great hook, you’ll be leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table, let alone make you lose money if you have the wrong hook. In this module, I’m going to unveil my secret strategies to help you craft your perfect hook to turn strangers into your paying customers.

Module #3: The 5 Ad Copy Frameworks

After spending millions of my own personal money with Facebook Ads, I’ve created 5 Ad Copy Frameworks for all my businesses. These are simply fill-in-the-blank frameworks that can sell any product or services with Facebook ads. In fact, these are my secret weapons to craft high CTR ads in minutes. Just this module alone is worth thousands of dollars for your business!

Module #4: Ad Copy Visualization

Most ads that I see online are stale. They are boring. When an ad is boring and creates no emotions or creates visualizations of the consumer’s mind, you will fail, badly. To create superbly high CTR ads that cut your ad cost and help you make more money, you need to use Ad Copy Visualization. It’s a technique to use all 5 senses of the human body to bring your ads to life which results in a higher CTR.

Module #5: Behavioral Ad Messaging

Not all traffic is equal. Traffic is broken down into 3 stages: cold, warm and hot. Each of these stages requires a different technique to get the results you want for your ad. In this module, I’m going to explain how your ad should be crafted based on the behavior of your audience. This can drastically increase your CTR which leads to more sales for your business.

Module #6: Crafting A Visually-Appealing Ad Asset

Facebook ads are not just about what you write. It’s also how you present it through the visuals. Whether it is an image or a video, both of these assets must follow a certain rule that supports the hook and ad copy framework in order for your ad to perform at maximum performance. In this module, I’m going to share with you how you can create your visually-appealing ad assets and create them for pennies on the dollar and even if you have no design skills!

Module #7: Leveraging Your Winning Ad Copy

Once you’ve established your high CTR ad, there are a lot more that you can do. In fact, you can simply leverage your winning ad copy and extend it to your entire business which will uplift your sales without having any guesswork in place. After all, your high CTR ads are already producing you results, you can take that and leverage it to other parts of your business to drive up more sales! In this module, I’m going to show you how you can leverage your winning ad copy and high CTR ad into multiple parts of your business to generate more money!

Now you have a glimpse of what’s inside my Ad Copy Playbook.

You might be wondering, is this for you?

The answer is YES - especially if you are running ads.

Creating an ad with high CTR is a skill set.

A very valuable skill set that every business or entrepreneur must have.

Our Ad Copy Playbook is built for:

Ad Copy Playbook Diagram
  • eCommerce: Anyone selling a physical product online. (Especially for drop shippers)
  • Affiliate Marketing: Anyone who wants to make a commission by selling other people’s products.
  • Email Marketing: Anyone who wants to build a massive, hyper-responsive email list
  • Digital Agencies: Anyone who is helping their client advertise on Facebook
  • Local Businesses: Anyone who wants to drive more customers to their businesses

If any of the above is what you do, then you absolutely need to get access to my Ad Copy Playbook

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Imagine if your ads are getting just a mere 1.00% CTR and after you implemented what you’re about to learn inside our Ad Copy Playbook, you increased it to 1.50%.

That means you’re going to get 50% MORE traffic at the SAME cost which means you’re going to make 50% more sales!

And that’s just one small tweak you’re making.

What if you have 3, 4 or even 5 different tweaks you can make to your current ads to further increase your CTR?

The profit potential is endless.

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Fred Lam
Fred Lam
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Fred started his working life over 13 years ago as a dishwasher. Knowing he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world and shortly became a reputable media buyer in the industry. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses with the mission to empower individuals with simple education and digital automation. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues to share his knowledge inside iPro Academy.

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